YEVA was born in Armenia, but grew up in Glendale, California. She has loved music for as long as she can remember. At the age of six, she convinced her Mom to put her in piano lessons. While her teacher wanted her to focus on classical pieces, YEVA kept looking for different ways to connect to the music she was playing. She began secretly finding sheet music for her favorite artists - from the Beatles to Stevie Wonder to Coldplay - so that she could do what she loved more than anything: sing while playing.

After high school, YEVA moved to Berkeley, CA to purse undergraduate degrees in Molecular and Cell Biology and Integrative Biology at UC Berkeley. During this time she continued to follow her passion for storytelling by completing a minor in Creative Writing. She also led Arzagank, an acapella group that focused on reinterpreting traditional Armenian folk music.

After graduating, YEVA moved back to Los Angeles and began working in a biology research lab, but she longed for more creative pursuits. In the fall of 2016, YEVA took her first songwriting class at the Songwriting School of Los Angeles. She immediately had a breakthrough, and began writing songs at a furious pace. She has been consistently writing ever since, collaborating with other artists and writers, as well as writing music for her own projects.
In 2018, YEVA decided to pursue music full-time. In the fall of 2018, she began interning for the artist and music producer Bleu. She is currently developing her own skills as a producer, and working on her first album. In November of 2019, she had a sold-out show at the Hotel Cafe, playing all original songs that will be on her upcoming album.
Her debut single, "The Clock," was released on January 31, 2020, and had its radio premiere on Nic Harcourt's 88.5 KCSN 9 O'Clock News show. Her second single, "End Up," was released in February, followed by "How Do You Forgive" in April,  "Lost in the Woods" on June 26th, and her latest single "Speak" on December 4th, 2020.
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